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AO Glasmundstück-Schlauchset Colored Round - Pink

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AO glass mouthpiece set Liner XL Round

✓ COMPLETE HOSE SET - The set consists of a mouthpiece and a hose connector with an 18/8 cut made of glass and a high-quality, color-matching matt black silicone hose.

✓ COMFORTABLE SMOKING EXPERIENCE - The end of the mouthpiece fits comfortably in the mouth.

✓ TASTE NEUTRALITY - The glass of the mouthpiece and hose connection guarantees taste neutrality.

✓ SOFT-TOUCH SURFACE - The processed silicone of the hose is extremely flexible, soft, durable and easy to care for. Dust and lint are less noticeable on the matte surface.

✓ ATTRACTIVE LOOK - A hose set from the hose connection to the mouthpiece made of high-quality materials and coordinated colors.

Do you want to have an absolute perspective and be able to watch the smoke from your shisha flow through the hose connection and the mouthpiece? Then let yourself be inspired by the AO glass mouthpiece set Liner XL Round. The black glass mouthpiece becomes transparent towards the mouthpiece end, which looks very cool. The hose connector made of glass has an 18/8 cut, which firmly connects the hose to the hose adapter. The color of the 150 cm long silicone tube is optimally matched to the mouthpiece and is therefore non-magnetic, so less lint and dust particles stick to it.

Scope of delivery:

- 1x glass mouthpiece Liner XL Round

- 1x hose connection 18/8 cut

- 1x soft-touch silicone hose

Hints: DO NOT put glass mouthpieces in hose holders! The mouthpiece can be damaged by its own weight and the tension of the hose.