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Moze Breeze Two - Wavy Blue

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After his accessories and chichas that have become a must, Moze is back to surprise us with its latest creation: the Hookah Moze Breeze Two! Ultra design and maximum performance, this is a real nugget that the brand offers us, after the Moze Bre eze first version. What is certain is that no one is ready for what is to come with this small Hookah grand...

A hookah that's stylish on every level

Do we really need to say it? The design of this Hookah speaks for itself: design, modern and elegant! The Moze Breeze V2 hookah is the result of a more than successful mix of materials, which gives this unique Hookah . A sturdy glass vase, a black delrin ring, a column in stainless steel and coloured resin, and a stainless steel plate to complete it all. A winning and well thought-out combination, for an aesthetically pleasingHookah !

Because every detail has been imagined to offer you a unique Hookah , the resin of the column can be changed. You are free to switch the colours as you wish, to obtain a new Hookah.


Pleasant to look at, the Moze Breeze Two is also pleasant to use! The meticulous details and finishes are visible on all parts of this hookah. The stainless steel diver with inlaid patterns is equipped with a removable diffuser. The Hookah has a Hoseoutlet and a Hoseconnector included. You will also have the pleasure to find a double plate! In addition to the classic plate engraved with abstract and delicate designs, a second plate, this time flat, is included. And beyond adding a unique touch to the hookah, this one has a very specific use...

This is a new experience offered by the German Hookah brand, with an asset that makes up a large part of this Hookah : a modular purge! How is it possible? It can be placed in 4 different ways, for a unique rendering during each session! You can thus choose to position the purge at the ring level, to see the smoke escaping from the ring to the plate. The ring can also be placed under the plate to give a "shower purge" effect, the smoke will come out of the plate towards the ring. The purge can also be placed on the plate, which will give a unique smoke effect when the smoke escapes to the Bowl ! Finally, you can add the second plate proposed with this Hookah on top of the purge positioned on the first plate. A mystical and dark smoke effect awaits you with this fourth configuration!

This originalHookah comes with its matching Mouthpiece , made of resin and stainless steel. The resin of Mouthpiece is also interchangeable with other colors, for a custom Hookah . And the customization continues, since you can add your favorite accessories to this Hookah delivered alone! Bowl, Heat Management Device and even flexible silicone, you can use the accessories you want.


  • Hookah in glass, stainless steel and delrin
  • Height of the Hookah : 39 cm without Bowl
  • Resin column
  • Double stainless steel plate
  • An outing Hose
  • A connector Hose
  • Stainless steel plunger
  • Removable diffuser
  • Full ring
  • Mouthpiece stainless steel and 21.6 cm resin
  • 4-way adjustable purge
  • Delivered without accessories (no hose, no Bowl or Heat Management Device)